sick child policy


It is the policy of Temple Emanu-El ECEC that children who have a temperature of 100.0 or higher be sent home and cannot return the next day. A student must be 24 hours fever free (without fever reducing medication) before returning to school. In addition, if your child continues to have symptoms (severe coughing, sore throat, infectious runny nose, body aches, chills and or fatigue) after the 24 hour fever free waiting period, they must remain home until all symptoms are gone. During flu season many students testing positive for Type A flu are being advised to stay home for 7 days. It is extremely important that you follow your health care provider’s instructions regarding returning to school, even if your child is feeling 100% well. Please do not send your sick child to school. The children’s health is of the utmost importance to us.

Children will be sent home if they have 1 episode of vomiting or 2 episodes of diarrhea and they may not return the next day to school. A student must be 24 hours vomiting and/or diarrhea free (without symptom reducing medication) before returning to school. If a child is diagnosed with a contagious illness such as pink eye (conjunctivitis), chicken pox, Fifth’s Disease, or any undiagnosed rash, sore, etc. admittance back into school will not be allowed until a pediatrician has confirmed that the child is no longer contagious. A child diagnosed with strep throat may return to school after effective antibiotic treatment for 24 hours as well as being fever free 24 hours without fever 12 reducing medication. A letter will be sent home informing the parents of the existence of the contagious illness in their child’s age cluster.

Children who become ill in school will be kept in the school nurse’s office or TE ECEC office, if possible and age appropriate, until a parent/guardian or individual on the emergency list can be contacted for pickup. The nurse or office staff will help the child get settled depending on the needs of the sick child. The nurse or office staff will stay with the child to ensure the child is comfortable until they are picked up by an appropriate adult. All sick children must be picked up within an hour of parent being called and informed of the situation. Children who are well enough to come to school should be well enough to play outdoors. We are unable to accommodate children who must remain indoors. It is possible, however, to be seated outdoors to avoid strenuous activity following an illness. 

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