About Our Learning Materials – Shabbat, A Holy Gift

“And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy.” Genesis 2:3

Shabbat. Each week we have the opportunity to gather together, to find comfort, to restore our souls. Shabbat is a reminder to create space in our lives for what is most important and sacred, to affirm our part in make the world more whole. Shabbat is a gift. How do we create this holy gift each week? How might we deepen our understanding and practice of Shabbat? This year, journey with your Sh’ma group through learning materials which explore different aspects of Shabbat. You will discuss prayers, ancient and modern interpretations, reflections from Temple clergy and more.

As always, if you have any questions, please be in touch with Alexandra Horn (ahorn@tedallas.org) or Rabbi Kim Herzog Cohen (kherzogcohen@tedallas.org)


November 2019, Why bring Shabbat light into my life?
December 2019, What is the Soul?
January 2020, How do I experience joy/happiness?
February 2020, Why is it so hard to say ‘thank you?’
March 2020, How can silence be my strength?
April 2020, Am I commanded to study Torah?
May 2020, How/when does community enrich my life?



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