Sh’ma Emanu-El: Listen. Connect. Relate. Renew.


Temple Emanu-El strives to build a vibrant, inclusive community where members feel strongly connected to our congregation and to each other. Tangible community involves more than paying membership dues. We want Temple to foster relationships that motivate members to live meaningful and impactful Jewish lives.

Sh’ma Emanu-El Vision Statement
Imagine hundreds of Temple members gathering regularly in small groups to learn and laugh, to rest and rejuvenate, and to deepen connections to one another, to Temple, to the Jewish people, and to the rhythms of Jewish time and life. Sh’ma Emanu-El will help Temple realize this future of a connected, committed membership through the formation of small groups which will:

• Focus on the lives and significant concerns of our members.
• Organize around shared interests, life stages and geographies.
• Feature shared Jewish experiences, learning and celebration.
• Be self-led by lay leaders working in a group dynamic.  

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