Congregational Practices During COVID-19

The Temple Emanu-El Archives strive to reflect congregation and community that it serves. To accomplish that, the Archives collects papers, records, photographs, and materials to document the history of Temple Emanu-El. The ongoing public health crisis due to the spread of COVID-19 has impacted the Temple community and to document this tumultuous time, the Archives is asking you to share your stories and add your voice to our historical record.

You do not have to identify yourself and this survey can be submitted anonymously if you wish. The only required fields are gender, age, and zip code. This is for demographic purposes when entering your survey into the archives record.

We understand that your ideas, thoughts, and opinions may adapt as things around the world and in our community change daily, so you are able to fill out the survey multiple times if you would like. We only ask that you please keep your chosen name consistent and unique so we can track and group your responses.

The Archives also encourages you to keep diaries and journals during this time, write letters to yourself, or document this time in whatever medium is most meaningful to you. We invite you to consider donating a copy of these documents to the Archives in the future.

If you have questions, contact Anjelica Ruiz, Director of Libraries and Archives, at

Thank you for contributing to our congregational history.

Congregational Practices During COVID-19

If you have photos and/or documents that you would like to contribute, please email them to Anjelica Ruiz,
What are you doing to keep busy?
What are you doing to keep healthy?
Do you have children in ECEC and/or YLE?
Are you a teacher for ECEC, YLE, and/or Adult Education?
How have your Shabbat practices changed?
Are you doing anything differently on Shabbat since you can't go to Temple and are unable to celebrate with others?
How has the quarantine affected your Passover celebrations?
Did you do anything creative at your Seder to connect with others who were unable to attend?
Did you do anything differently at your Seder to offset the absence of friends or family?
What are the ways in which you have leaned (or not leaned) on your faith during this time?
Do you think your participation in Temple activities has increased? Why or why not?
Did you have any deaths in your family or of friends during isolation?
How are you staying in touch with family and friends?

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