We don't teach curriculum out of a box.  Children’s intellectual development is encouraged by teachers through the exploration of multiple symbolic “language” including clay, dramatic play, construction, music, literacy, and more.  As children explore these languages, they discover and communicate what they know, understand, wonder about, question, feel and imagine.  In this way they make their learning visible.  This inquiry-based approach allows ample time for investigation and encourages the child’s identity both as an individual and as part of a community.

NAEYC defines Emergent Curriculum as a curriculum that emerges, stating that "the best curriculum isn't taken off the shelf or nailed down months ahead of time. Curriculum should shift and shape to meet children's needs and interests, emerging as teachers and children interact with activities and lessons and weave their combined interests into an emerging curriculum."

In addition to the emergent classroom curriculum, our children engage in a variety of specials classes throughout the week.

Living ScienCE


Through our living science program, children explore the fascinating habits of a variety of living creatures and plants. We investigate how to recycle organic waste and cultivate soil by composting worms. As well, we study the life cycles of a variety of insects and mammals.

Living Science Specialists: Heidi Kutchin and Kim Pariza


In our Art studio, children experience the process of creating art using a variety of materials.  Children are provided with opportunities to mold and build with clay, create 3-D sculptures, and study an array of artists.  This is an enriching and rewarding special class that boosts self-confidence and enhances the child’s creative skills.

Art Specialist: Susan Stein


Our music program introduces children to rhythm, movement, various musical instruments, and songs. Each week children learn early childhood songs as well as songs for Shabbat and Jewish holidays.

Music Specialist: Julia Rogers

Jewish Life


Judaism is woven throughout our daily classroom and school life.  We begin each week by gathering for Havdalah and celebrate Shabbat every Friday morning as a school community.  We explore Jewish holidays and values through hand-on experiences as well as traditional activities.

Pre-K classes explore Torah stories through play, literature, music and art. 

Judaic Specialist: Jennifer Richman



Library time for our children begins to build a foundation for a love of literature!  Each week children check out a book of their choice.  Stories are brought to life with the use of puppets and children also learn to create their own stories.

Librarian: Jeanne Zamutt


"When you teach children to cook, you feed them for a lifetime."

We get children into the kitchen and teach them that nutritious foods can be delicious!   In conjunction with our living science program, we teach children the concept “from seed to table” as we utilize produce grown in Gan Shalom in our children's culinary kitchen.

Culinary Arts Specialist: Cheryl English



Children engage mind, heart and body through a combination of children’s literature and stretching.

Yoga Instructor: Taylor Yoss, Yogees Yoga4 Kids

Physical Education 


Our Physical Education program is designed to increase gross motor coordination, teach cooperative team skills, promote positive self-esteem and introduce children to a variety of sports.

P.E. Specialist: Coach Trish , Kidokinetics


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