What is InstaCamp?

InstaCamp brings the fun of “out of the box” in “a box” camp to your home! InstaCamp provides fun, meaningful experiences for children as an alternative to face-to-face summer programming.

InstaCamp is designed for children 18 months through 8 years old. Each InstaCamp box provides 5 days’ worth of activities that are mostly screen-free, encourage outdoor activity, exploration, and creativity.

What's In Each Box?

Each box includes 5 days' of 3 activities /experience + all supplies needed for each day.  Safety protocols are seriously taken into consideration when filling the boxes.

Each day includes:

A daily guide, reflection questions, and several exciting experiences/activities that relate to that day’s concept. Video links will be provided when needed.

Click here for a catalog of InstaCamp Adventures

Does it require the internet?

InstaCamp is designed to provide a fun and engaging experience with very little internet access.

How much does InstaCamp cost?

There is a one-time $50 registration fee per child which provides a Starter Box that has the basic supplies you will need that can be used for all boxes.

Each InstaCamp box is $100 and will have all the supplies that pertain to the concept you purchased. 

Need more InstaCamp fun?  You can come back and order more boxes!  

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further  questions, email us at InstaCamp@tedallas.org.

I'm in!  How do I sign up?

CLICK HERE to place your first order.   



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